notranja opremaProjection of interiors


»Thank you again, Maja, we are glad you helped us. We think that until now this was one of our best investments in the house, we saved a lot of time and who knows if not even our marriage, haha.«


Neven and Tatjana from Ljubljana (apartment house)






»Maja figured out our taste, she made the boyfriends desires come true. Maja has sparkling eyes that show her will to work, she is full of ideas and advices, she is the freshness in all the confusion that springs up from arranging a room. She has the knowledge to handle with the room, maybe she can also breathe in it.«


Thank you, Maja. Keti and Sašo from Šempas (apartment house)






»Fresh ideas, lots of originality considering the functionality of the room and on the same time she knew how to listen to our needs and desires. She offered us an idea that we didn't even think about.«


Mateja from Nova Gorica (nursery)





»She convinced me with her feeling for specific details that she sensitively and wittily integrated into a concluded entity. She succeeded in connecting the colors, materials and individual details of the room with us as a family and our life style.«


Saša from Nova Gorica (kitchen with dinning room, office )





»Me and Maja got along completely. My ideas were complementing with hers and the other way around. After the realization of the ideas, my satisfaction was indescribable.«


Verica from Nova Gorica (dressing room)

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hisa-crta-zid hisa-crta-zid

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