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I am Maja Blažič, a graduated interior designer by profession, with a degree from the international school Instituti Callegari. Since I was little I admire nicely furnished homes. I see the charm of my work in the childish feelings of enthusiasm that fill me with joy and gratification every time I finish a project. I am pleased even more when I see that a beautified (renovated, rearranged) home gives my clients the feelings of comfort and beauty.  





Trough conversation with you I will recognize Your desires and expectations. Tell me honestly what you do not want and what bothers you. I am convinced that we will find together a brilliant solution for Your home. I am aware that only You can fill Your home with warm family atmosphere. With professional advice I can connect Your family warmth with light, colors, arrangement of furniture.. and so help Your home to shine in Your relaxed presence of living.






Conversation and visit are for me a basis for planning which includes: color study, ground plan solutions with drawn furnishings, study of lighting and pavements, 3D views of the most interesting rooms and also textual descriptions, chosen materials and patterns. I guarantee You originality of the project, made only for You.  






To prepare a project which is the basis for furnishings I need nearly 30 days. According to Your wish I will gladly collaborate with You also during the actual furnishing of Your home by accompanying You to the sales showrooms where I will acquaint You with the furniture manufacturers – I myself collaborate with Italian furniture manufacturers. I maintain that after the visits we will find for sure some new ideas for Your home in a relaxed conversation with a cup of tea or coffee.  






I will respectably take into account Your decision either for counseling just on the base of the project either with the enlarged offer for the actual furnishing of Your home. I will be glad if my ideas are proper for You. Kindly welcome to collaborate!


Maja Blažič, interior designer.

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